Revolution and Beer


Thinking about what we’re thankful for at Revolution and Beer today gave me the overwhelming urge to express our sincerest gratitude to Joe Tessone, of Mystery Street Recording Company. Joe runs a fantastic Recording Business that’s worker owned and operated. They provide a full studio, with classic analogue effects and digital wizardry to boot. There’s also rehearsal space for bands too. It’s a great atmosphere to grow as a musician. They also provided us with the great theme music that you hear at the beginning of our recent series of episodes.


As we were approaching the airing of the second series of our CAN TV show, we had the strong desire to have a song from a local artist that was powerful and representative of our working class struggles. I contacted Joe, who is also a member of the Rust Belt Ramblers, about using one of his band’s songs as the intro for both the TV show and our online exclusives. Atonement, featuring K. Loren Fleming II, was the choice. We cherry-picked a verse from the song that really seemed to scream what we often felt.

Music and art is extremely important to us, as it is the best way to communicate the vision of a revolutionary society. We’re extremely greatful for all of the amazing artists that we know. The world would be really lame without you.

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