Beach Bunny on Jimmy Kimmel


Friend to Mystery Street and rehearsal client, Beach Bunny, started out as the singer-songwriter project of singer/guitarist Lili Trifilio. Eventually adding a backing band consisting of Jonathan Alvarado (drums), Matt Henkels (guitar), and Aidan Cada (bass). Cada left the band in early 2019 and has been replaced by Anthony Vaccaro. Beach Bunny began their journey on Chicago’s DIY scene playing basements and house shows, eventually growing to selling out nationwide club tours.

Their song Prom Queen has amassed over 100 millions streams on Spotify and their debut full length album, Honeymoon was released in February of 2020 on Mom & Pop Records.

January 13th of 2020 the band made their late night television debut performing their new song Good Girls (Don’t Get Used) off their new release The Blame Game EP, on Jimmy Kimmel.