Mystery Street is a creative and professional recording studio, with hourly music rehearsal spaces, a state-of-the-art Audio Preservation Lab, and a whole lot more.

Our studio is stocked with a pristine collection of analog and digital recording gear; and our engineers are experts at giving you a perfect sounding performance.
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Our hourly practice rooms are stocked with a full back line including drums, amps, and a PA system. Plus, there is always an engineer available to lend you a hand with set up!
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Recommended by the Library of Congress, our state-of-the-art Audio Preservation Lab offers archive quality audio format transfers and broadcast ready restoration. Future-proof your audio collection before it is too late!
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Mystery Street is the place to go for your sound reinforcement needs! With an array of PA systems, talented engineers, and a wealth of experience, we’ll set you up with the sounds that will keep people dancing all night long.
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Mystery Street can bring studio-quality recording to your door! Whether a home living room, a theater, or a live music venue, our mobile system is perfect for capturing your live performance.
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Playing out and short a piece of gear? We can help! Our selection of rental equipment is perfect for locals bands and small to medium sized events.
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We offer many options for your podcast production. From do-it-yourself set ups to to full-service recording with voice editing and guest callers, we can make your podcast stand out with high quality sound and professional engineering.
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With three acoustically treated isolation rooms, an expert staff of audio engineers, and only the highest quality microphones and gear, your voice recordings will sound better than ever.
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With guidance and insight from our expert engineers, your reading will have the focus it deserves. Let us bring our experience to your audiobook.
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Enjoy your vinyl records as if they were new again! Our ultrasonic cleaning method removes grime and dust without the risk of physical scrubbers or detergents. The touch-free washing and drying system ensures no damage to the record or its labels.
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There is no better way to preserve your memories than an audio recording of spoken word. Audio recordings are very accessible and highly transferable, making it easy to pass on your story to future generations.
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When you need the perfect visual to accompany your new song, work with our team to create an in-studio video of your recording session. Amp it up with location shots, too!
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Rent our studio to record your own clients! As a freelance engineer, you will have access to our microphone collection, our control room, three rooms for tracking, and a whole lot more.
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For businesses and individuals that need expert audio advice or training, bands that need help with their live set-ups, or amateur recordists who want to fine tune their home studios or skills, our engineering team is at your service.
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The gift you've been looking for. A Mystery Street gift certificate is exactly what your music-loving friends need!
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For kids or adults! The most fun and memorable birthday, bachelorette/bachelor party, or company outing you'll ever have! Bring some food, drinks, and have a blast!
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We offer audio mastering for everything! From streaming to vinyl and everywhere in between, we'll make sure your audio is the best it can be!
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Our staff is extremely mindful of your time and strives for effective and efficient service. Comparing baseline prices for recording will rarely achieve your desired result or, in the long run, your desired budget. Plus, there are so many different ways to record and each takes different amounts of time. The best way to figure out what your album/song will cost is to develop a production plan with your engineer, develop a timeline, and a budget. Recording music is part creative and part technical, and those things can take more or less time depending on what your vision is for your project… we want to learn about what you want and give you your options.

Recording or mixing rates range from $65 to $125/hr. Prices vary depending on the exact services rendered.


Music mastering is done as a flat rate of $50 per song when we master on our own. If you want to be in the room while we master, it is $125/hr. To ensure quality, we do not offer mastering on the same day as your recording or mixing session, as you will need time to listen to your performance and your mixes ahead of mastering.


A deposit of $75 per 1-6 hour session and $150 per 7-12 hour session is due at the time of scheduling. Deposits are non-refundable upon cancellation/rescheduling.

Voice Over Recording

Voice over recording and post-production/editing is $25 for set up per session, and $75 per hour.

Podcast Recording with an Engineer

Full service podcast recording with an engineer is $75/hr, plus $25 for set up per session. Editing, mixing, and other post-production is also $75/hr.


If you just want a quiet room to record your podcast and you are supplying your own computer/recording interface, it is $25 for room set up and $45/hr for our main studio. 2 hour minimum is required. We can supply you with table, chairs, microphones, cables, and headphones at no additional cost.

Format Transfer Rates

Due to the unknown condition and length of most legacy formats, our transfers are normally billed per labor hour. Rates are between $30 and $125 per hour. Physical repair, cleaning, materials, and data management costs may also apply. An estimate will be provided upon inspection of your project.

Large format open reel tapes and ADATs are flat rate. Call or email for pricing.

Audio Restoration

Audio Restoration is billed at $75/hr – $125/hr.

Open Reel Tape Baking

Baking is $15 to $50 per tape, depending on the tape size, reel size, and quantity of tapes.


A deposit of $20 per item is due before services are rendered.

Turnaround Time

This depends on the length and intensity of the project. If it is a single cassette or DAT, usual turnaround is a couple of weeks. If you have 3000 open reel tapes, expect it to take some extra time. We will assess turnaround time according to the size of the project and our current queue. Average turnaround for a medium size project is around 4 to 8 weeks. We also offer a rush fee of $50 per tape, which will move your project to the front of the line.

Have a question about a service you didn’t see? Want to know more about a service we offer? Contact us here and we’ll gladly help you find a solution.

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