Our hourly band rehearsal rooms are stocked with amplifiers, digital PA system with effects, microphones, and drums. Plus, there is always an engineer on hand to help you with set up and to answer any questions you might have about our equipment (or yours!). Our welcoming facility is located in a great neighborhood with lots of night life, easy parking, and fantastic places for food and to-go beer.

For your convenience, we have cymbals, guitars, and basses available for rental. To save you time, our retail area is fully stocked with drumsticks, picks, earplugs, strings, and other musical accessories.

For special discounts on hourly rehearsals, reserve MONTHLY STORAGE or lock in a weekly time slot and pay by the month! Contact us for a quote!

Maximize the discount when choosing both!


The easiest way to hear your progress or do pre-production for a full recording project. Let us record your rehearsal in Studio A and you can walk away the same day with recordings of your songs.

Rehearsal recordings are multi-tracked and then mixed live while you rehearse.

As an add-on for your Studio A rehearsal, at only $20 per hour more (minimum of 2 hours), Rehearsal Recordings are a quick and easy way to make a live demo. Call or text us at 773-512-2630 to confirm availability, but book it online!

For each hour your band rehearses at our studio, you will be granted 2 minutes of FREE regular recording or mixing time!
That’s like getting $2 off each rehearsal hour!

The more you practice, the faster it adds up and the better you’ll sound when you use them!

Q.  What are Mystery Minutes?

A.  Mystery Minutes are a little bonus that we give our loyal rehearsal clients. Just a “thank you” from us to you!

Q.  How do I earn Mystery Minutes?

A.  Mostly, you earn Mystery Minutes by renting our hourly rehearsal spaces. Sometimes we’ll give them out for other reasons, too.

Q.  How many Mystery Minutes do I get when I rehearse?

A.  You earn 2 Mystery Minutes per hour of rehearsal.

Q.  What can I do with Mystery Minutes?

A.  You can redeem Mystery Minutes for free recording or mixing time with a Mystery Street staff engineer.

Q.  Do any restrictions apply?

A.  Some. You cannot redeem Mystery Minutes for recording between 6 PM and 11 PM Monday-Friday. You can use them to mix during that time, however.

Q.  Can I use Mystery Minutes for other services such as rehearsals, mastering, or live sound?

A.  No. Just regular recording or mixing.

Q.  How do I spend my Mystery Minutes?

A.  You just need to book a session with us and let us know in advance that you will be using them. A deposit is still required and you can only redeem up to 50% of your time booked with Mystery Minutes at one time. For example, if you have 2 hours of Mystery Minutes and you want to use them all in one session, you’d need to book a 4 hour session and pay for the other 2 hours. Or you can book two 2 hour sessions and use a free hour at each session.

Q.  Why can’t I just use them all at once?

A.  Because Mystery Minutes are not intended as a way to get a free recording session. We offer them as a way to make it financially easier for you to record and to give you the extra time you need to create the perfect album.

Q.  Are Mystery Minutes transferable between bands, like if my band breaks up?

A.  No. If your band breaks up, you should still come and record your songs so you have something to show for all of the hard work you’ve put in. Plus, it wouldn’t be fair to assign the Minutes to any one person in the band.

Q.  Do Mystery Minutes expire?

A.  Yes and no. Your Mystery Minutes will expire after a year of absence from Mystery Street. So as long as you come rehearse here regularly, they won’t expire.