Studio A is our primary live room for recording. The acoustics have been carefully designed and you’ll love the way your band sounds in here. This room is also stocked with some the best of rehearsal gear, including a Tama Imperialstar Drum Kit, Orange Rocker 32 guitar amp, Line 6 Half-Stack, Marshall Half Stack, and more. Studio A is recommended for bands who want an acoustically precise room and a stage-style PA System with floor wedges.

Studio A can comfortably fit a 3-7 piece band.


Studio B was our original control room and was the scene of the infamous Mystery Street fire. In this room you might feel an almost ghastly presence as you look around at photos of the post-fire ruins!

Like Studio A, the dimensions of this room have been carefully designed for great acoustics. A slightly smaller space than Studio A, this room offers a creative environment and some very nice gear, including:

  • Tama Imperialstar Drum Kit
  • Orange “Crush Pro 120″ guitar amp
  • Fender Princeton guitar amp
  • Fender Bassman bass amp
  • Studio B is our recommended room for a solo rehearsal.


Studio C is recommended for bands that seek cool vibes and a private space to write and rehearse. You control the air conditioning and heat yourself and you get your own bathroom! This room also has an alleyway entrance for easy load-in and load-out, which is ideal for bands that bring a lot of equipment. This room is stocked with an Orange half-stack, a Marshall cab with an Acoustic Head, a Line 6 combo, a Fender Princeton, Keyboard Amp, Yamaha Stage Custom Drums, PA, and microphones.

Studio C comfortably fits a 4-10 piece band.

For a nominal fee, Studio C can also be converted into an excellent meeting or teaching space with seating for up to 15 people.

Upright Grand Piano Rental: $10 per hour

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