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Our engineers apply a combination of plug-ins and outboard gear to create masters specifically for your intended audience.

The people at Mystery Street have ears that hear things you can only dream of. Their abilities and knowledge can make a recording come to life. I didn’t know how much detail I wasn’t hearing until I stepped into Mystery Street.

-Rhett Yocom, lead singer of The Rhett Yocom Blues Band


Mastering is an essential part of any audio production that will see distribution.  From preservation and archiving to broadcast, podcast, audiobook and album production, we create masters for any application. With more than 15 years in the business, our engineers know the specifications and will provide you with exactly what’s needed for your project.

Let us take your audio and transform it into something that is easily accessible to everyone! Contact us below and we’ll get the ball rolling.

In the simplest of terms, audio mastering is the process of taking a piece of audio and preparing it for distribution. There’s many tools that can be used for this process from EQ and compression to stereo enhancement. The goal is always the same, to create audio that translates to the listener wherever they may be listening.

From streaming services and vinyl records to archiving and restoration, every destination will have different specifications that need to be met. Through our mastering process, we’ll create your final deliverable audio that’s optimized for playback across all of the various mediums and destinations you plan on utilizing. Let us know where it’s going and we’ll take care of the rest.

Traditionally, the mastering process was a universal one (often referred to as a “pre-master”). The mixed audio was handed off to the mastering engineer and they’d provide you with something that would then be used to by another engineer to create a physical “master” for cassettes or pressed into vinyl or CDs. For modern streaming, the master is the digital file provided by the studio. This is the last stage in the completion of your audio production.

Our service takes a modern approach. We know that a one-size-fits-all mentality won’t translate as well to the countless ways that people listen to music today. Streaming platforms, CDs, and vinyl records all have mastering specifications that differ. We can provide masters for each unique listening platform, giving you assurance that your audio is -exactly- how it should be now matter where your audience is listening.

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