The perfect solution to revive your old albums or prep a new one for pristine playback.

Enjoy your vinyl records as if they were new again! Using our ultrasonic cleaning, the toughest grime and dust is removed without the risk of physical scrubbers or detergents. The touch-free system ensures damage-free cleaning. Drying is also handled safely with blowers, ensuring no damage to the records labels.

Even a brand new record will benefit from a cleaning by removing any dust collected during manufacturing and packing.

Below are before and after 400X microscope images of an LP record disc cleaned using the ultrasonic method!



Cleaning Prices



Number of Records Price Per Record
1-9 $5.00
10-25 $4.75
26-50 $4.50
51-100 $4.25
100+ $4.00
Double cleaning* $2.50

Rush and “while you wait” cleaning services are also available, by appointment. Call for availability and prices.

*Double cleanings may be necessary for records suffering from severe mildew/mold exposure.