There is no better way to preserve memories than an audio recording of spoken word. Very accessible and highly transferable, Oral History Recordings make it easy to share your story with future generations.

What is an Oral History?
It is an interview with a person about their own life experiences. It can be used to preserve family history and culture, or to access folklore and tradition. Oral Histories are often used by historians to uncover the experiences of underrepresented groups of people. They are a way of getting an inside perspective of what it was like to live in a particular time or to be part of a particular group.

Why record an Oral History?
Simply put, to preserve the memory and experiences of people and families through first hand spoken word.

Everyone has a Story to Tell!
Whether it be stories of love, war, childhood memories, or just favorite events from everyday life, you have something special to share!

A Great Gift Idea
There is no better way to preserve your memories than an audio recording of spoken word. Audio recordings are very accessible and highly transferable, making it easy to pass your story on for generations to come!

Record in Our Studio or We’ll Come to You!
To record your Oral History, you can choose to book time at our comfortable and professional studio or we can record you in the convenience of your own home.

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