An Ode To The Family

ode to the family

Chicago rock band Push33 was formed in 1996. Comprised of Derbhile Fabie (Vocals and Keys), CL Fabie (Percussion), Steven Perna (Guitar) and Pete Danos (Bass). After disbanding in summer of 1998 the band had reunited 20 years later adding Steven’s son Max Perna on bass. After discovering old demo tapes from their original run, the band decided to record these old forgotten songs.

Starting in early 2019 the band went into Mystery Street with engineer Nick Novak to create what was to all parties involved a very special record. The band now comprised of a husband and wife and a father and son recorded their first release in over 20 years very fittingly titled “Ode to the Family”

“Ode to the Family” was released in spring of 2019 and since it’s release the band has been performing regularly around Chicago, and working on new material to be recorded and released next year.

Mystery Street has been very honored to have been welcomed into the family of Push33. Check out “Ode to the Family” on Spotify and the bands Bandcamp page below.