Deconstruction before Reconstruction: Fire Update #3

First and foremost we want to thank our good friends at Kuma’s Corner who, last Friday held a benefit for us which raised over $1000 for the reconstruction of our studio! It was the first time I’d ever been there and it was an awesome place with really kick ass food. They are located at 2900 W. Belmont… go check them out!

As for rebuilding, the contractors are now in the studio working everyday to get our place back up to standard. Click link below to watch a video of the former Red Room, but with no walls…

We are completely closed for all business during this process, but rest assured that we are working very hard to finish everything as quickly as possible. On Monday, we should have new walls and in the next two weeks, we should have the entire place repainted and the floors finished.

Some of our other plans for the space include moving the control room to the back room, building a vocal booth/ isolation room along side the control room, and creating a comfortable lounge area. These changes will be made before the reopening. In the few months after we reopen, we will be acquiring “Two Rooms Rehearsals,” the rehearsal space located in the back our building. We will be doing a remodel of the those spaces along with building a highly functional “B” studio in one of the rooms.

Below is an illustration of what Mystery Street will look like…

When you come back to Mystery Street, things will be a little different than what you are used to, but I’m sure you will find that the overall functionality of our space will be much higher and that there will be less competition between rehearsal bookings and recording bookings.

Once again, we want to thank everyone for their patience while we rebuild our facility. We look forward to seeing you all in July!