Studio Systems Manager
Audio Engineer/ Producer

Daniel Ryan

Daniel Ryan is the Studio Systems Manager at Mystery Street Recording Company. He obtained his degree in Audio Production and Design from Columbia College Chicago. Since then, he has been busy producing records and fixing gear around the studio. Daniel’s love for analog recording methods led him to study audio electronics and he has even built, by hand, some of the gear used at Mystery Street!

Daniel also the resident photographer and videographer. Check out some of his work on the MSRC youtube channel!

His latest recording credits include Bric-a-Brac (rock), K Flow (R&B), Yo Supreme (rap/pop), Keelan Jones (jazz fusion), The Reactors (rock), and Supermoon (noise rock).
Some of his latest mastering clients include Mateo (experimental), The Vale (experimental pop), and Chace Wall (experimental pop).
  1. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Bric A Brac 2:56
  2. Sunday Stroll Keelan Jones 6:04
  3. Lemonade Supermoon 2:12
  4. Sea and the Sand Bric A Brac 5:48
  5. I'm In Love K Flow 3:36
  6. All I See Yo Supreme 3:11
  7. Lilo Yo Supreme 2:58
  8. Shape of Things to Come Bric A Brac 3:41
  9. Pruittigoe Patrick Keegan 4:39
  10. Stairway To The Sea Bric A Brac 2:19
  11. Glendora Bric a Brac 3:20