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Our acoustically treated rooms and world-class equipment will have you ready to turn pages. With guidance and insight from our expert engineers, your reading will have the focus it deserves. Let us bring our experience to your audiobook.

Bring your text to life!

Now that your book has been handed over to the printers, what should you do next? Make your text easier to access by recording your audiobook! At Mystery Street Recording Company, we specialize in voice production, and our vocal booth is comfortable and quiet. Whether you’re self-publishing or working with a publishing house, we can accommodate you. We also provide telephone and conference functions for remote monitoring, so your publishers can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands! Coupled with our experienced staff, we can make your audiobook is the best it can be.

A good audiobook can bring a lot of benefits, but not all audiobooks are the same. Our experience allows us to meet the strictest specification when delivering your audio, and we work with you to make sure the entire process is a smooth one. We’re always available when you need us! Our team has experience working on everything from single-narrator non-fiction to large cast fiction, and we’ll work with you to ensure your audio stays on-point.

When you’re recording an audiobook, even a slight error can leave a lasting negative impression on your reader’s mind. Our trained staff can deliver the quality you expect by handling the technical side of audiobook production. Our company has been in business since 2007. We know what makes a good audiobook great, and we believe in our ability to bring your story to life for your listeners. Our commitment to quality is reflected in all of the products we release. Let us help you create your best possible audiobook. Come and join our satisfied customers!

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