Recording Notes: Dogs on the Subway

Over the past month, Dogs on the Subway have been at Mystery Street working with lead engineer Joe Tessone. This is the second recording project the band and Tessone have worked on together. Since the last time they were in the studio, the band has further developed their aesthetic to more of a driving, dance-rock with sultry vocals and lyrical hooks that you won’t soon forget.

The recording process on this EP began with tracking drums to scratch key and bass tracks. We did a lot of experimenting with drums tones on the rhythm recording day, even changing out the snare for different parts of the same song- to ensure each section met the overall feel we were going for. The individual drum tracks melt together nicely with an extra layer of tube compressed ribbon mic from the room, creating a thick grittiness that the drummer, Patrick Riley, really loved.

We also played around a bit with bass guitar tone for these songs and ultimately went with an overdriven and almost industrial style. Bassist Bruce Rarang uses a series of bass effect pedals, including a wah, which adds immensely to the funk-dance character of these songs.

The grit is neatly coated over with the hauntingly beautiful and tastefully edgy vocals of the Dog’s front woman, Deb Chesterman. We kept the vocals close and intimate most of the time, with some room changes and backs ups here and there for extra flavor. Also the band’s keyboardist, she really shines on these tracks. Not much else needs to be said for her talent, the recordings will speak to that.

The band is currently offering the 3 song EP as a “pay what you can” download on their Bandcamp page below. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it.