Shop Small at Mystery Street this Season.


In a world dominated by big-box retailers and online giants, there’s something uniquely special about supporting local businesses, especially when it comes to the realm of music. Mystery Street Recording Company, nestled in the heart of Chicago, stands as a testament to the vibrant local music scene. We at Mystery Street are committed to ensuring that our city remains a mosaic of different sounds, perspectives, and creative people.

This holiday season, consider the impact of shopping small with Mystery Street. You’re supporting not only the audio engineers who work here, but also a network of local repair technicians, musicians, and music venues. This creates a ripple effect, strengthening the foundation of our scene and keeping it out of the hands of the constantly overreaching music industry conglomerates.

As an independently owned and operated studio, every purchase has a huge impact on our ability to provide our boutique services, provide for our families, and just simply keep the doors open another day, week, month, and year… and this year is more important than ever. Please check out a few cool deals at our online store and add something to your shopping list!

We have a lot of great things to offer you and the music community, but we need your support to help us keep it going!

Thank you.