Studio Summer Camp at Mystery Street!


Over the course of three days, kids between the ages of 10-14 will get hands-on experience with real recording equipment and learn what all those knobs on a console actually do. Kids will learn techniques for capturing sounds and how audio engineers use these skills to make hit songs and bring movies and video games to life. From Minecraft sound effects to Tiny Desk Concerts, audio engineers make our favorite forms of art and entertainment possible. MSRC’s Studio Summer Camp will give kids the opportunity to sit in the engineer’s chair, and learn how to make magic happen in the studio.

Whether your child loves music, likes experimenting with creative technology, or simply wants to make some noise, MSRC’s Studio Summer Camp is the perfect way for them to bring their imagination to life with sound! Here, they’ll get their hands on real studio gear, record some live music, run a sound effects session, and more. No experience required–only imagination and a love of learning!

Studio Summer Camp Program Details

Dates: The three day camp will run August 7, 9, and 11, 2023.

Times: 10:30 am–3:00 pm. Kids should bring their own sealable water bottles and a packed lunch.

SIGN UP FOR THIS EVENT IS CLOSED! Contact us for information on upcoming events for kids!