Our dedicated engineers have the experience to take your project from demo to an incredible release. We are also musicians and performers, so we understand what it is like to be “on the other side of the glass”. We strive to provide a stress free environment and ensure that your recording session suits your specific needs, giving you the freedom to pull of the performance of a lifetime and have a great time doing it!

With our carefully selected collection of analog and digital recording gear, and an experienced engineering staff, you’ll walk away with the album you’ve been dreaming of.


When you’ve practiced so much that your hands hurt, it is time to get in the studio and get some recording done! With four unique sounding rooms for tracking, we can ensure proper isolation between instruments, while maintaining line of sight with the engineer and other band members while you record. The 50+ microphones in our collection offer you and your engineer a powerhouse of versatility to fit your style and sound.

Our engineers are dedicated to capturing your sound the way you want it, and ensuring that you’ll have a fun and hassle-free experience while doing it! Whether it’s in the studio or at your next live event, we’ll take the wheel on the technical stuff so you can focus on giving the performance of a lifetime.


After you’ve completed adding all of the elements of the sound, we move onto the mixing process. Sometimes we break this down into two parts: editing and mixing. Editing is the part of the recording process where we make corrections to the performance, such as choosing parts of different vocal takes or removing unwanted sounds from the recorded tracks. Depending on the level of production you are going for, we can keep editing to a minimum or we can go over everything with a fine-tooth comb to ensure the mix will totally shine.

Once everything is cleaned up, we are ready to mix. Mixing is where we will add effects, like equalization, reverb, delay, and compression, to the individual instruments in the song, or as a whole to groups of instruments/voices. Mixing will also balance the relative volume of the individual parts within the song.

Mixing with Mystery Street will make your performance come to life!


You are done recording and your mix sound great, but your songs just don’t have the impact as you expected them to have, especially when compared to other similar music. This is where mastering comes into play.

Often overlooked, mastering is a critical part of finalizing your production. It is like mixing, but with the intention of balancing the complete project. We will add further compression and equalization to the entire mixes. Maybe do a few things to add some extra creative character to the album. We will be adjusting the start and end times of each song and how much of a space there is between songs. We will also analyze the audio to ensure there will be no problems when your music is played across different platforms, like CD, Vinyl, or MP3. Mastering will ensure your music will sound great whether your fans are listening on cheap earbuds, in the car, or on a hi-fi stereo system.

When mastering is complete, we will provide you with high-resolution audio files that are ready for duplication and distribution.


Capture the moment and make a music video while you record with our Studio Video Packages! Starting at $500 per song, you’ll get an awesome behind-the-scenes video that will help promote your album and will show off your performance!

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