This is our main tracking room where musicians pull their tricks! Come be amazed at how enormous your drums will sound and how clear and present acoustic instruments are in here!

The heavy blue velvet curtains hanging from rollers on the ceiling of Studio A allow us to either brighten or dampen the room acoustics depending on what kind of sound is called for at the time.

Studio A has direct line of sight into the Control Room and into Studio B.

This room also doubles as a rehearsal area.


Studio B was our former control room and was the scene of the infamous Mystery Street fire. In this room, you might feel an almost ghastly presence as you look around at our photos of the post-fire ruins.


Another isolation room with a totally different sound and vibe than Studio A or B. This room is hall-style with a unique sonic character. Studio C houses our 100-year-old, refurbished upright grand piano.


An isolation booth, just off of the Control Room. Great for a tight pop vocal sound or as another place to isolate a player/instrument from the rest of the group in a live studio recording situation.