Sensaphonics at Mystery Street

Mystery Street Recording Company can design a full system that works the way you need it. Our skilled engineers are also musicians so we know the importance of proper monitoring. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re comfortable with your new system. Our experienced team will get you up and running in no time.

Have a show? Going on tour? We can engineer your live show and protect your hearing in the process. We’re here for all of your engineering needs

Sensaphonics 3D AARO Active Ambient In-Ear Monitors

Welcome to the next generation of IEM technology: Music Enhancement. 3DME uses universal-fit Active Ambient earphones with embedded binaural mics to create 3D spatial awareness with IEMs inserted, controlled via a rechargeable beltpack mixer.

Sensaphonics 3MAX Custom In-Ear Monitors

3MAX™ are custom-fit, tour-ready triple-driver in-ear monitors with the comfort and isolation of soft silicone earpieces. Our proprietary design includes twin-drive bass speakers paired with a dedicated, precision high-frequency driver via a single passive crossover, providing higher sensitivity for a more potent SPL output, plus greater bass headroom.

Sensaphonics 2MAX Custom In-Ear Monitors

2MAX™ earphones are a custom-fit, dual-driver design optimized for use with wireless in-ear monitoring (IEM) systems. Designed to match the exceptional studio reference sound quality of our acclaimed 2X-S model, the 2MAX features higher sensitivity to get louder, faster, producing more output at lower volume settings.

Sensaphonics 2x-S Custom In-Ear Monitors

The 2X-S are the original soft silicone earphones, combining exceptional sound quality with the most comfortable fit available. The 2X-S is the standard of excellence in touring sound, used religiously as a reference standard by hundreds of high profile artists. Dual micro-transducers deliver neutral, full-range response with powerful bass complementing crystal-clear mid and high frequencies.

Sensaphonics D2 Custom In-Ear Monitors

With its warm, robust sound signature, the D Series combines the unmatched isolation and long-wearing comfort Sensaphonics is known for, with the broad, visceral frequency response of a dynamic driver system. The D2 Dual Dynamic also features wide-bore sound ports to minimize wax build-up and moisture absorption.

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