COVID-19 Rehearsal Policy

Until further notice, the following procedures will take place.

  1. We will allow ample time between clients to allow air in all spaces to clear and all surfaces to be sanitized and we are limiting the entire day to 10 people, in each studio, and in most cases, we are only scheduling one band per day, per room.
  2. Each room and bathroom is sanitized between clients.
  3. Ahead of each rehearsal, we will request set up information and our staff will prepare the room ahead of your arrival.
  4. If you would like to maintain 6 feet of social distance between your own bandmates, limit yourself to 3 people in Studio A, 4 people in Studio C, or 2 people in Studio B. If this is not a concern for you, note that it is not a something we are enforcing.
  5. We are adhering to CDC and local recommendations in regards to mask wearing in the studio. Specialty disposable covers will be provided for each vocal microphone.
  6. Our original cancellation policy (below) will still be in effect, but we do request that anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to refrain from entering the building, for the health and safety of our staff and your bandmates. Note: we cannot offer refunds or last minute rescheduling for ANY reason.
  7. We want you to have fun and make beautiful music, but we want you to stay safe. We will move forward together…

Band Rehearsal Room Cancellation Policy

Mystery Street Recording Company has a 48 hour cancellation / rescheduling policy for rehearsal spaces. This means that if you miss your appointment, need to cancel or change your appointment for any reason, with less than 48 hours notice, you are still responsible for the full cost of your rehearsal.

With greater than 48 hours notice, you receive a credit memo and are welcome to reschedule that rehearsal one time within 30 days of your originally cancelled rehearsal date.

The Reason For It

This policy has been put in place because as a small, boutique studio, we only have 3 rooms available, so schedule changes have a big impact on our day-to-day operations and last minute cancellations prevent another band from having place to rehearse or record at a time they might have needed. Plus, as a personalized appointment based business, our staff is scheduled specifically for you when you book and we don’t want staff to lose hours they were counting on… especially when they’ve already come into work for the day to accommodate your booking. We’ll be there for you rain, snow, or shine because we know the show must go on!

While we understand that last minute problems occur which will result in occasional cancellations, we encourage the band members that can make it to come rehearse anyway! All of us here play in bands and know that sometimes the most productive and focused songwriting sessions happen with a smaller number of bandmates, so take advantage of those moments for music’s sake! Even if it is one member alone, it never hurts to brush up on your instrument (especially if your band members keep canceling on you!).

Freelance Studio Rental Policy

Covid Notice: To help us maintain the health and safety of our staff, freelance engineers may be required to provide their own computer and interface. Access to most other equipment is still available. Contact us for details.

While subject to changes, our gear list can be found here: If there is something specific that you need for your session, please let us know in advance to ensure its availability.

Payment for all freelance sessions is due in full at the time of scheduling. We cannot offer rescheduling or credited cancellations on freelance sessions. Any cancellations are subject to forfeit of payment. We also cannot refund booked, but unused, time.