Jail Guitar Doors Instrument Drive Starts Now!

Donations accepted at Mystery Street Recording from July 1- August 11

Call 773-512-2630 for available drop-off times.

Wish List

1. Guitar Strings/ Acoustic and Nylon
2. P.A. Systems*
3. Microphones and Cables*
4. Music Stands
5. Electric Guitars w/straps and cases*
6. Acoustic electric guitars w/straps and cases*
7. Electric bases w/straps and cases*
8. Acoustic electric bases w/straps and cases*
9. Instrument Cables
10. Acoustic pick-up mics*
11. Guitar Amps w/Effects*
12. Alto and/or Tenor Saxophones w/reeds and cases
13. Trumpets and/or trombones w/extra mouthpieces and cases
14. Clarinets w/reeds and cases
15. Violins and/or cellos w/bows, cases, resin, strings
16. Cajon

*Please donate only items in good working order. Inmates have no funds for repairs.

Learn more about Jail Guitar Doors at www.jailguitardoors.org.