Chicago's Recording and Rehearsal Studio

Mystery Street Recording Company - Chicago Recording Studio

Hourly Band Rehearsal Spaces

Our clients always tell us that we are their first choice for band rehearsal space in Chicago.

Our three hourly band rehearsal rooms are stocked with amplifiers, a PA, microphones, and drums. There is no additional fee for use the above equipment during rehearsals. For your convenience, we have cymbals, guitars, and basses available for rental. Of course, you are welcome to bring any of your own gear, too. We also have space available to store your amps or drums and extra discounts on rehearsals when you rent storage space.

To save you time, our retail area is fully stocked with drumsticks, picks, earplugs, strings, and other musical accessories.

Plus, there is always an engineer on hand to help you with set up and to help answer any questions you might have about our equipment (or yours!).

Our welcoming facility is located in a great neighborhood with lots of nightlife, easy parking, and fantastic places for food and to-go beer.

Check out the rooms here:

Special Rehearsal Features

Mystery Minutes: For each hour your band rehearses at our studio, you will be granted 2 FREE minutes of regular recording or mixing time! That’s like getting $2 off each rehearsal hour!!! Visit our Mystery Minutes FAQ page for details.

Rehearsal Recordings: Want to hear your progress or do pre-production for a full recording project? Let us record your rehearsal in Studio A and you can walk away the same day with a CD or digital downloads of your tracks. Rehearsal recordings are multi-tracked and then mixed live while you rehearse. For only $35 per hour (minimum of 2 hours), they are a quick and easy way to make a live demo!