Chicago's Recording and Rehearsal Studio

Mystery Street Recording Company - Chicago Recording Studio

Studio Recording

Mystery Street Recording offers a creative and professional environment for recording, mixing, and mastering. Our studio is stocked with a carefully selected mix of analog and digital recording gear including a 32 channel Amek Console and a Pro Tools HD system.

Preamps and outboard gear include the likes of API, Universal Audio, Manley, and more. We are also proud to house a rare 1970′s analog plate reverb tank in Studio A.

The 50+ microphones in our collection offer you and your engineer a powerhouse of versatility to fit your style and sound.

With 3 uniquely designed rooms for tracking, we can ensure proper isolation between instruments, while maintaining line of sight with the engineer and other band members.

For examples of our work and sonic flexibility, click here.

┬áMystery Street… It’s a great little studio…. Great drum sound in there.
Fiercest drum sound I’ve ever heard on any record.
- Jon Langford, Waco Brothers- Chicago Reader