3D AARO Active Ambient Custom In-Ear Monitors: Dual Driver

3D AARO is the next generation of the patented, revolutionary 3D Active Ambient IEM System — the only proven, tour-grade active ambient system on the market. Today’s 3D AARO (which stands for Active Ambient, Record Out) has added significant improvements.

Active Ambient technology allows the user to hear the monitor feed normally while adding a selectable level of on-stage ambient sound to the mix. Sensaphonics has upgraded and further expanded the 3D system’s unmatched versatility with the following features:

• Record Out – We’ve added a 3.5-mm mini-jack that provides access to the ambient sound “heard” by the system’s binaural earphone mics, with full 3D directionality. By sending this output to a digital recorder, it is now possible to capture the 3D experience. Great for live concert recording!
• Bass Boost – This internal switch allows the user to select a +10 dB boost to bass response when needed. This new feature is great for DJs, bass players and drummers, providing the extra “boom” that so many desire!

  • Type: Active Ambient IEM system with custom ambient earphones and bodypack mixer
  • 3D Ambient Earphones: Full-shell custom silicone earpieces with embedded condenser microphones
  • Frequency Response: 20 to 16,000 Hz
  • Isolation: up to 45.5 dB
  • Ambient Microphone Input Overload, 500 Hz: 140dB
  • 3D Bodypack Mixer, External Controls: Power switch (on/off), Mode switch (Performance, Full Ambient), Microphones Out jack


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