The Policy

Mystery Street Recording Company has a 48 hour cancellation / rescheduling policy for rehearsal spaces. This means that if you miss your appointment, need to cancel or change your appointment with less than 48 hours notice, you will be charged the full amount of your rehearsal.

With greater than 48 hours notice, you are welcome to reschedule or cancel without penalty. In the event of a full cancellation with greater than 48 hours notice, a credit memo will be issued for your next visit.

If only one person in the band is able to attend, you will be given the “Solo Rehearsal” rate of $15/hr and a credit will be issued on the balance.

The Reason For It

This policy has been put in place because we are often booked solid and have to turn bands away during prime rehearsal times, thus preventing another band from having place to rehearse that night (“dang! we have a show this weekend!!!”).  And while we understand that last minute problems occur which will result in occasional cancellations, we encourage the band members that can make it to come rehearse anyway! All of us here play in bands and know that sometimes the most productive and focused songwriting sessions happen with a smaller number of bandmates, so take advantage of those moments for music’s sake! Even if it is one member alone, it never hurts to brush up on your instrument (especially if your band members keep canceling on you!).