Staff Engineer
Audio Engineer/ Producer

Dan Norman

Dan Norman is a staff Engineer at Mystery Street Recording.  He is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Audio Design and Production. He has a strong background and ear for modern, cutting edge music production and is highly skilled with numerous recording platforms.

He started his passion of audio through simple, at-home recordings of himself and friends using tools like Garageband and USB microphones.  Many years later, Dan is recording, mixing, and mastering artists of all styles and genres using some of the best tools in the industry.

Dan started playing music at the age of 10 and was classically trained on the Trombone.  Throughout the years, he developed his knowledge and love of music through rigorous training in internationally acclaimed Jazz Ensembles, Symphonic Bands, and Orchestras.  Other musical endeavours include playing guitar, bass, and MIDI instruments in various bands spanning across genres from metal to jazz to electronic music.

Some of his recent recording clients include Chief Wicked (Hip-Hop), Aditya Kamath (R&B), and RJ Redline (Pop/Rock).

Mastering credits include Allworry (Electronic/Rock), Mo Javi (Classical), Bifid Corpse (Death Metal), Backbone (Hardcore), and Shallow Graves (Metal).

  1. Rock/Pop Shine Your Light 3:34
  2. Pop Games 3:33
  3. Pop Over You 3:41
  4. Electronic Paisan 3:48
  5. Hip-Hop Serving 4:03
  6. Classical Pagnus Nocte in A Minor 2:19
  7. Classical Quiete 2:42